Bilingualism is the way to go!

Learning more than two languages at an early age has numerous cognitive, social, and professional/academic benefits.

Bilingualism enhances a child's mental development, increases phonological awareness and sharpens listening skills.

Bilingual children have a better ability to focus
and ignore distractions in the environment. They also
have an enhanced ability to process sounds that makes them more likely to pay attention in a learning situation.

Individuals who speak two languages have an easier time learning a third one.

Bilingualism improves a child's understanding
of his/her native language and gives him or her the possibility to communicate with people from other cultures and backgrounds.

Speaking two or more languages increases job opportunities since knowing another language is considered an asset.

our mission
  • Inclusion of language and ability

    Our apps can be used by typically developing and special needs children. We believe these engaging toys are appropriate for children as young as 12 months as well as for school age-children. They can be used independently or with facilitation by a teaching professional, therapist or caregiver.

    Our products have been created to improve language development in a child’s native language
    as well as to acquire basic skills in a second or third language.

  • Use language in a context!

    Most language apps are about labeling items. We want to use words in a context so they make sense. In our apps, children are introduced to a new word and then are asked to follow a command in which the novel word is included. The word is presented in isolation and then in a sentence with new concepts.

  • Technology can be interactive

    Digital toys don't have to be a solitary activity. You can use apps to take turns during games, talk about real life events, use language in social settings, make associations, problem solve, and verbalize thoughts.

  • A safe digital environment for your kids

    We believe safety should come first when your children are using our products. That’s why we don’t have banner advertising or in-app purchases in our apps.

  • Anyone can use our app!

    Therapists, Teachers, Parents, Kids, and anyone who works with children. Our apps have been created to be used by parents of typical and special needs children.

  • Fun and engaging

    Children learn best in meaningful contexts and through play. Our apps are visually engaging, fast paced and stimulating

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