Talk In 3

Puzzles falling from the sky! Your child puts together
a 2-5 piece puzzle forming a word. Once completed,
the written word is both seen and heard.

But Talk in 3 goes beyond the task of labeling objects.

In a beautiful landscape, the child is instructed to follow a command with the new vocabulary word. By using language in a context, kids target problem-solving
and linguistic skills. The ability to do all this in three languages is gratifying for both parent and child.

Recommended by teachers and therapists, this can be used to strengthen your native language or to learn a second or third.

Talk in 3 promotes:

- auditory comprehension

- fine motor skills

- eye-hand coordination

- sound-letter correspondence

- academic skills

- language development

Talk in 3 focuses

on many concepts:

- size differences

- color

- spatial concepts

- comparisons

- quantity concepts

- attributes

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